How Do Thermal Insulated Bags Work?

How Do Thermal Insulated Bags Work?

Thermal-insulated bags are a great companion for keeping food cold or warm, whether taking it to work for a few hours or storing a day’s worth of picnic food while traveling. These bags are very useful for transporting and delivering food.

How Long Can Thermal Insulated Bags Keep My Food Warm/Cold?

There is no simple answer to this question. The time that food can be stored in an insulated lunch bag depends on several factors:

  1. Type of bag
  2. Whether or not there is a heated or frozen gel pack in the insulated bag
  3. Temperature outside.

If you put hot food in a thermal insulated bag without any additional gel packing, the food will remain warm after two to three hours and cold after four to five hours. This is a general rule. You can extend this time by three to four hours using a warm or cold gel pack.

However, these estimates are very susceptible to the bag’s quality and ambient temperature changes. Therefore, you should put your insulated bag through its paces at home before bringing it to the park for lunch.

Beefing Up Thermal Insulated Lunch Bags’ Performance 

Here are some tips on how to extend the duration of food insulation:

  1. Place a cold or warm source inside the bag, such as a gel pack or a water bottle.
  2. Heat the food before packing it, or put frozen food directly from the freezer into the lunch bag.
  3. Wrap the food in aluminum foil for an insulation layer, and then wrap the food in a towel to prevent heat loss.
  4. Don’t open the lunch bag before consuming the food to prevent thermal energy from escaping.
  5. Place the lunch bag in a place with air conditioning. In the hot summer, if you want to put the lunch bag in the refrigerator, your car trunk is not an ideal place to store the lunch bag.
  6. Use an appropriate lunch bag; a partially filled insulated container is less effective than a filled one.
  7. Store hot and cold food separately.

Check out Lemei’s Best-Selling cooler bag

  1. Basic style: Non-woven material 6-pack lunch bag

Since its launch, customers have favored it for its high-cost performance. It is a very suitable promotional item with the highest cost performance in various ice bags. Its rectangular shape has a large capacity and can hold many things. A small pocket can be added in the front for added convenience.

2. Polyester lunch bag

If you want your ice pack to be more suitable for daily use, it is recommended to choose polyester material. It can be printed with full patterns and has a stronger weight-bearing capacity than non-woven fabric.

More choice

We have a variety of materials available for selection. If you want the bag’s surface to be waterproof, choose a laminated material according to your needs. We also offer other materials such as cotton and jute, etc… Style, material, size, and logo can all be customized to meet customers’ individual needs.

There are also various materials to choose from for the interior of the bag, which can be customized according to customer requirements.

EPE with aluminum foil is the most popular material.
You can use PE in the middle with PEVA inside if you need the inside to be more waterproof.
We also have Diamond EPE with aluminum foil or foil, which has a pattern as per clients’ requests.


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