Custom Tote Bags Guide

Custom Tote Bags Guide

Tote bags have various uses, from groceries to lunches, books, and more. As more and more people move away from disposable plastic bags, eco-friendly shopping bags have become increasingly popular. This guide will show you how to design a customized tote bag. We will provide suggestions so that you can get some additional inspiration.

Benefits of using Personalized Tote Bags:

Tote bags are versatile promotional items that can be used for a wide range of events and products. They offer maximum advertising impact at a minimal cost. Whether you’re attending a trade show or conference, your clients will likely put all the other promotional products they collect into the bag you provide them. It means your advertising will be visible everywhere they go. Giving away personalized tote bags is the perfect method to boost awareness further.

Choosing the Bag Type?

When designing your custom tote bag, it’s important to keep in mind the image and values of your brand, as well as the intended audience for the bag. Consider the potential uses for the bag and tailor its design to serve a specific purpose, whether it’s carrying heavy items, storing groceries, or keeping drinks cool. By giving your tote bag a clear function, you can ensure that it will be a practical and useful promotional item for your customers.

The following is a list of examples of different bags that could be incorporated into your marketing strategy.

  1. Shopping bags
  2. Drawstring bags
  3. Beach bags
  4. Drawstring backpacks
  5. Storage bags
  6. Wine bags
  7. Cooler bags
  8. Grocery bags
  9. Laundry bags

Choosing the material

There are various materials for bags available. You can choose non-woven stitched or non-woven heat-sealed bags if you want a cheaper option. If you need a waterproof, durable bag that can be fully printed, we recommend using laminated bags. If the bags look upscale and unique, you can use cotton, linen, or other materials.

Confirm the printing

Silk screen printing is more suitable for simple logos. Heat transfer is a good choice for small but complex logos. If you want full coverage printing, the options available are heat sublimation, digital printing, and offset printing, depending on the quantity and your specific needs. However, you don’t need to worry about all these details. An experienced salesperson can recommend the best and most cost-effective option based on your desired quantity, logo design, and preferred material.

More choice

You can add accessories such as pockets, buttons, zippers, hooks, and more to make your bag more versatile.

We have a professional sales team ready to answer any of your questions and a team of skilled designers to help turn your ideas into personalized, beautifully crafted tote bags.


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